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 Things unfold in a moment, signaling the onset of great
changes. This is the moment of spiritual and emotional
renewal.  Endings are as important as beginnings, so
always be prepared to let go of anything that is holding
the moment back. Don't worry; make room for what
the currents are carrying your way at that very
moment.  Inspiration is waiting for you -- within.  It's
time to go deep. Sift through your past to understand
the moment in your present. It's always within your
power to create the future that you desire at this very

 This moment is the most precious thing you possess in
this life. A breath of air that you take in, a falling leaf, a
drop of rain on your face.  Let go of worries and free
yourself from making yet another list of pros and cons.
Freeze the moment in time and each time you look at it,
it brings out a universe of memories.  I breathe the
moment in, like it is my last, and look at the moon for a
gift of another moment.  There are no promises or
guarantees that the second would be given, but we all
expect it.  We never think about it until none is left.  
Grasp the moment, freeze it in time and enjoy the next
one.  There is infinite time between those two moments.
None of us know how many grains of sand are left in
the hourglass of our lives.  

 There is a moment when you’re suddenly filled with
happiness as you realize that you have all you need in
this universe, right here, right now, AND that moment is
just perfect.  Wake up and take action at this moment
and  arouse others to foment change as well.  Stop
worrying about the future -- and start envisioning it
instead. Paint with bold strokes. Include lots of joyous
moments in your life. Get your vision in place, and your
anxieties will start to abate.
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